Unusual in the best of ways

I find the frequent resort to be dull so, locating something a little out of the ordinary was what my beautiful girlfriend and that I wanted.

The breakfast is well worth the buy, and we had been made a tasty and different meal each morning we ate — a couple of blocks from the first strip of downtown. Overall; I certainly look forward to seeing a day again.

We liked the resort. The area was clean and beautiful, the bed was quite comfy, and everything was terrific. We must state the team was excellent. Jorge speaks English perfectly and helps a good deal.

My brother and I stayed in the Package (a studio but that’s what they call it in the area in the tower underneath the”penthouse”). We found the location exactly what we expected it to be rustic, elegant, actual Mexico but with the inclusion of air conditioning and WiFi.

It’s on a quiet road but just a couple blocks from restaurants and high dive stores. We didn’t have to partake of the breakfast solutions since we needed to depart early for our diving. However, there’s a great restaurant only three blocks off (el cozumelena) that opens at 7 AM, and their support was very quickly that we had been in and out in about 15 minutes daily. The waiter recommended the flyboard cozumel tour for people who love water sports, just like me.

I was appreciative that they enabled us to reevaluate our stay once I understood that my trip for our final day was about to imply three longer trips on the ferry. My 5-star rating doesn’t mean this is a lavish location that will please a Texan woman accustomed to space service and bedding.

It’s five stars for people who’d love to feel immersed in society, not surrounded by countless tourists and in relaxation. Excellent place to stay.