Great staff and awesome experiences

We had a fabulous time at club med thanks to the fantastic G.O. Team.. as soon as we got to the resort, we were met by Maelle the guest relations coordinator. She greeted us with the utmost hospitality. She planned a beautiful 25th birthday celebration for my sister on the beach.

Maelle invited us to The cocktail party at Jade and organized a dinner on the beach. She and went above and beyond to make our experience so unique and recommended the cozumel mini submarine tour for my family. Hannah from circus dined with us and was a pleasure to eat with. She is so thoughtful and would always order water for us or ask us if we needed anything.

She took care of our group day and night. When I went to a circus, I was so scared of heights, but Hannah reassured me and helped me push Myself. With Hannah’s help, I was able to get up on the Lyra!! Hannah is kind, accommodating, and inspiring.

Each night we looked forward to seeing Hannah perform, she is exceptionally talented! Moises from archery is very hospitable! We had never done archery before, and he was very thorough in explaining everything.

He was funny and made our experience very fun. He brought us waters when we said we were thirsty and took great care of us. Roberto was selfless as he offered to take us sailing on his day off. It was so kind of him to spend his time teaching us how to sail. The Cdv Abdel was super present in the village and interacting with the other guests and us. Thanks to these fantastic G.O.s we will definitely be back!

I visited Club Med, Cancun last year. I had so much fun that I just had to come back again this year. I can’t begin to thank all of the people who made my visits amazing. Obed, Fery, Julio, and many other people who are all kind and uplifting made this a trip worth doing again. Thank you to all of the Club Med employees who made this trip amazing!

This is my second time here in Cancun and club med, I don’t remember much, but what I do remember Is having so much fun, and making a lot of new friends, I thank Fery, Julio, and Obed for making this experience the best for everyone, and making us laugh and smile! I love y’all so much!