Fantastic family resort

We traveled from May 26th to June 1st, and we booked through Vacation Express. All the staff at the resort was amazing and so helpful.

The food was also excellent. Not sure how anyone on here could complain, the place had a large variety of different foods.

They upgraded our room to the ocean view suite with the jacuzzi on the balcony when we went to check in, which was a really awesome surprise. The apartment was spotless. Plenty of room. We had a king size bed, and our son had a rollaway bed. It was all very comfortable. The room was huge. Nice walk in shower and huge closet area.

The staff really made it a good time with the cozumel atv tours suggestions. If you are traveling with no children, this may not be the resort for you. My wife and I went with our 7-year-old, and it was a blast. We booked this back on Cyber Monday in November. So I read a lot of reviews after I booked just to see what to expect.

Most of the reviews were really good. The only people who were complaining were those who didn’t take children. Again, this is not an adult only resort. It’s a family resort, and it’s very family oriented. But it’s awesome. We never used the kid’s area where they watch your kid for you, but we did see the staff who were watching the children, and they were very attentive to the children they were watching.

It just wasn’t a service we needed since we spent morning to night at the main pools together. We made friends with a mother and daughter who were also from the same city we are from (we are still friends now that we are home too!). We also made friends with a family from London, and we pretty much all hung out for 4 days straight.

It made the vacation even better! Remember when you are traveling, it might be someone else’s first time as well, talk to them and make some friends! It made it easier to relax, knowing our son had other kids to play with.

It was overall a fantastic experience. I did read some reviews that said they felt pressured to tip the staff, we personally did not feel that way. We took 150 in $1 and $5, and that lasted us all trip. Tipping someone who is doing your service is just part of being a decent human being.

Yes, it is all-inclusive, but it still doesn’t hurt when someone carries all of your luggage from the front entrance to the inside of your room. Or when you go to dinner, you should always tip. That’s just my personal opinion. But this place was excellent. We never really travel anywhere twice, but since this was our first all-inclusive, I find it hard that the other places we visit will match up!